About off grid sense

Hi and welcome to Off Grid Sense! I’m Christine, the woman behind the website.

After many years of camping and hiking with family and friends, I created this site to share my love of the outdoors, hiking, and great food with you. My friends and I who write for this site are all experienced campers who love cooking. Our goal is to provide you with practical resources, inspire you to get outside, and eat well. Food should be an enjoyable part of your off-grid adventures, not a source of stress! Let us help make camping easier and more fun for you.

eat well & Have Fun

While this site is new, we are working on a collection of camping and backpacking recipes, guides and gear reviews, camping ideas, and inspiration. We will cover cooking methods and gear, dehydrating foods, cooking with freeze-dried ingredients, meal planning, easy pantry meals and so much more.

worry less – Emergency preparedness

We also live in Texas – which (in addition to COVID) has had its share of hurricanes and weather events, so we’ve learned a few things about being prepared for emergencies and difficult situations. With COVID lockdowns, supply chain disruptions, electrical grid failures around the country, and growing international tensions, it doesn’t look like the world is becoming more secure. The good news is that camping gear and experience being off the grid make it so much easier to be prepared. During the Texas power outages in the winter of 2021 our camping gear saved the day. We slept comfortably in warm sleeping bags, heated a room with our camping heater, and cooked with a portable propane grill and stove. The situation was an inconvenience rather than the life-threatening ordeal some experienced.

Our approach to emergency preparedness is based on practical plans for the most common and likely scenarios. For food, we encourage you to build plans based on foods and cooking methods you already use. Our articles, recipes, and guides are often useful for both camping and emergency off-grid scenarios. Planning can reduce your anxiety and give you some peace of mind. Even if SHTF, you will have the skills to cope. Let’s plan and prepare for what we can, then get out there and enjoy life!

About Me

I’ve camped in numerous Texas state parks, national parks and a variety of other parks on trips around the country.  I’ve hiked many miles, and I’m an avid letterboxer (my trail name is Open Space if you know that community).  I’m also the proud owner of a tear drop style camping trailer from HYK Outdoors which I adore!  I’m not much of a thru hiker (sorry I like hot showers at the end of the day), but I’ve done a few weekend backpacking trips.  I’ve cooked for my family for many years, and more recently started making DIY instant meals for backpacking trips.  I’m also incredibly lucky to live on wooded acreage, so I see squirrels, birds, raccoons and other wildlife daily.  

I’ve been through major Hurricanes Rita, Ike (2 weeks without power), and Harvey (helped 2 friends gut their homes after flooding), plus numerous tropical storms and local flooding.  We were without power for 3 days in the winter of 2021, and we also helped family friends pack for a wildfire evacuation.  


If you have questions about specific recipes or posts, please comment on those pages and we will respond. For other inquiries, please email contact (at) offgridsense.com